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ADD:Shenzongshan Sightseeing Zone, Qinyang City, Henan Province.
One day tour in Shennongshan

     Yunyangzhai – ancient battleground. Yue Fei – one ancient famouse warrior hero -  took his soldiers fought a bloody battle in this area.
Worship to Yan Emporor (Shennong) – pay homage to human ancestor  (Shennong) and walking in Baicao valley where Shennong tasted herbs and identified grains. 
Shennong Trail – to learn the sprit of Shennong;
Play with macaque – play with national second class treasure of wildlife Taihang Macaque and have a good memeory about it.
Visit Sanhuang Hall and Nvwa Cave – worship to ancestors and learn the origin of life.
Take passanger ropeway – get to Yitianmen Gate which is 158 years earlier than Nantianmen Gate of  Taishan Mountain;
Zijinding Peak – Shennong set altar 5500 years ago and hold worship activities here. Tourists may enjoy the show at the peak.
Baisongling peak – visit the world famouse “Crane Pine”, enjoy “dragon spine Great Wall” on the list of UNESCO, feeling the mystery of Shennongshan Mountain.
Shennong valley – here are 1912 types of chinese herbal medicine. It’s said “the sick may recover only need to walking through Shennong Valley ”
The last stop is Qingtiankou. End of tour.

ADD::Shenzongshan Sightseeing Zone, Qinyang City, Henan Province.
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