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ADD:Shenzongshan Sightseeing Zone, Qinyang City, Henan Province.
       Shennongshan Sightseeing Zone is locted in Qinyang City,Henan Province. It is tittled as World Geological Park, state-level sightseeing area, national 4A scenic spot, National Macaque Nature Reserve and creative base for China Photographic Society.According to experts verify, Shennongshan Moutain is the most important area for Yan Emperor (also called Shennong, one of chinese ancestor) tribal activity. Shennong(Yan Emperor) stayed here to taste hundreds herbs, identify grains and set up the altar to pray to heaven. The area henced such name – Shennongshan Mountain.
       Shennongshan Mountain is part of Taihangshan Mountains. It is a typical natural landsacpe of South Taihangshan Mountain. It features singular mountains and canyons, with a long cultural history of the connotation. An ideal place for tourist to enjoy scenery and camping adventure. Zijinding, the peak of Shennongshan, with elevation of 1028 meters is called guzmania a column. Shennong Altar set on the peak is named “the first altar under heaven” because of its evelation and long history. Shennong Altar and Chiense People Worship Altar are regarded as sacred places for chinese people to pay homage to ancestors.
       Baisongling peak is the most representative of the geological landscape in this area. Geologists gave an image name to Baisongling peak – “dragon spine great wall” – because it looks like a dragon and limesonte composition of mountain takes shape in manual stacking Great Wall. Shennongshan Mountain is knows as the natural flora and fauna park. The vegetation coverage is more than 90%. There are 1912 kinds of plants including over 300 rare chinese herbal medicines. “Snow White in the forest” refers to 16000 bungeana , a rare and protected species which growing on the mountain, with elevation of 500-1500 meters and serveral hundres or thounds of years old.
       Shennongshan Mountain also is a natural zoo. There are more than 260 terrestrid verterbrates, among which the largest number and the most active animals are Taihang macaques who are national second class treasure of wild life. There are over 3000 macaques in 9 groups. These macaque communities living in the earth’s northernmost on the world and add endless aura to the area. There are numbers of legends and myriad mysteries about Shennongshan Mountain. You may enjoy different scenics whenever you come here and enjoy whatever you want. Welcome to Shennongshan Mountain.

ADD::Shenzongshan Sightseeing Zone, Qinyang City, Henan Province.
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